Hackers have already put up thousands of Disney+ accounts for sale since the streaming service's big launch this week

Mandalorian 4 Disney Plus
  • Disney+ is already struggling with keeping its users' info safe, as thousands of accounts have been posted online in hacker forums and on Reddit. 
  • Tech news site ZDNet detailed several complaints against the company on Twitter after people were locked out of their accounts. 
  • "Not even been half of a week and my dad's Disney+ account has ALREADY been hacked," reads one tweet from an angry subscriber
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At least the shows are good.

Disney+, the streaming service launched earlier this week by the massive media conglomerate, began its offering with technical difficulties after the volume of subscribers was higher than the company expected.
Now, less than a week after the service began running, users are being locked out of their accounts because hackers have cracked their passwords and shared the info online.

Tech news publication ZDNet found several instances of subscribers complaining online about being locked out and Disney's lack of security for their account info. 

Reddit and other online forums have been filled with hackers giving Disney+ account information away for free or selling someone else's account, ZDNet found. The tech-focused website said some were up for sale mere hours after the launch of the streaming service.

The service costs $7 a month, but is being sold in hacker forums for anywhere from $3 to $11, ZDNet reported. 

"However, in our search for ads on various hacking forums, we also came across several lists of Disney+ account credentials being offered for free, to be shared and used by the hacker community (Disney+ allows account sharing)," ZDNet reported.Disney did not immediately return requests for comment. 

The company's new service has already attracted a ton of news users, with new series, like "Star Wars" spinoff "The Mandalorian, and old favorites, like Pixar's many well-known movies. The streaming service had 10 million sign-ups the day after launching, the company announced on Wednesday, despite the technical setbacks, boosting the company's stock price.

For comparison, Netflix has more than 150 million global subscribers while Hulu has 28 million.