Here are the most popular emojis of 2021

Dec 3, 2021

By: Shadab Rabbani

Face with tears of joy

This is the most popular emoji having a share of over five percent of all emojis used this year.

Credit: Emojipedia

Red heart

The red heart emoji is used as a sign of love and gratitude. This is generally sent with positive intent and it came in second on the list.

Credit: Emojipedia

Rolling on the floor laughing

This emoji is used to react to something funny or “when somebody says something dumb” as per Urban Dictionary.

Credit: Emojipedia

Thumbs up

The thumbs up emoji generally indicates assent, approval, or encouragement.

Credit: Emojipedia

Loudly crying face

According to Emojipedia, this can be used to convey inconsolable grief but also intense feelings, such as uncontrollable laughter, pride or overwhelming joy.

Credit: Emojipedia

Folded hands

This emoji is used to convey a thank you or please and alternatively used for prayers as praying hands.

Credit: Emojipedia

Face blowing a kiss

This emoji having a winking face, blowing a kiss represents romantic affection or appreciation for someone or something.

Credit: Emojipedia

Smiling face with hearts

This emoji with clouds of love is used to suggest feeling loved or the love for someone or something.

Credit: Emojipedia

Smiling face with heart-eyes

This is used to convey love and infatuation, in the sense that a person loves someone or something.

Credit: Emojipedia

Smiling face with smiling eyes

This emoji is used to express happiness and warm, positive feelings.

Credit: Emojipedia

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