How do I activate Google Voice assistant?

How do I activate Google Voice assistant?
Google Voice Assistant is an interesting feature of Google that facilitates controlling your device through your voice. You can use Google Voice Assistant to control your devices and also smart home. Google Assistant can help you in accessing your calendar, finding information and businesses in given areas, booking for hotels restaurants, movie shows and other events, playing music from your device, opening apps on your phone, sending messages and making appointments, and reading out notifications to you besides many others. Here is how you can activate the Google Assistant Voice Recognition feature.


Steps to activate Google Voice Assistant on your phone

  • To begin with, open the applications tray.
  • Locate the Google App and tap on it to open.
  • On the Google App, tap on the three dots you will find on the bottom screen.
  • Tap on the Settings Gear.
  • Tap on Voice
  • Tap on Voice match or “OK Google” detection feature.
  • You will find a list of options to choose from. Select from the options in order to activate.
  • Get started and you need to agree to conditions if prompted.
  • When you see the prompt, say “Ok Google”
  • The app will prompt you to say “OK Google” a few times for the sake of mapping your voice for recognition. On some devices, you may also be able to say “Hey Google”.
Note: If the voice search is available in your language and country, you can make use of some commands in your own language. Some commands are not available in all languages.

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