How Google is tracking personal data from phone

How Google is tracking personal data from phone


All of Google’s devices, apps and services seem to be highly useful to us to realize our digital activities and purposes. However, very few are aware and bothered that the search engine giant is also tracking a lot of personal data from your phone like the sites you visit and purchases you make. In fact, with a few measures you can control what Google collects about you and how long it keeps the information thus collected. Here is what you must know about how Google is tracking you.

Here are some ways Google is tracking your personal data

  • To start with, everything you do on the web is noted by Google especially when you are signed into Chrome. This includes everything you will search on Google and all that you do inside the Google’s apps.
  • Google tracks your location history gathering the data from your phone including the places you had been to with the specific dates and times you were at those places.
  • The device information Google collects about you include the phones and tablets that are connected with your Google account.
  • Under the voice and audio activity section, Google gathers the data about all of your Google Assistant Commands. Everything you said Google and everything you did on Google even things like playing back the audio recording are tracked and stored by Google.
  • Finally the YouTube Search history and YouTube watch history are fully noted about you. They are structured in the same way as the voice and audio activity.
  • Google also keeps a tab on all your purchases, flights, trips, upcoming bills and other crucially important personal information. It is only this kind of dig that makes it possible for Google to warn you about a delayed flight or a delivery turning up.
Why this discussion is important

The discussion about Google’s tracking of your personal data must be approached in two ways: the amount of data Google is collection of you. Literally this is in fact huge. The next thing is what Google is doing with the personal data thus collected about you. Google might say that it is using the data only to help improve its services. For example, Google might mean it is only using the data about you to suggest you the restaurants similar tot eh ones you searched earlier. However, most users disagree on this aspect.


How to approach the topic

A big chunk of the data we are talking about here is only visible to you and used in a limited way only to make ads that are more relevant to you. Ultimately you are left with two choices: either place your trust in Google that the search engine giant will use all of the data bout you in a responsible way or desist from using Google’s services at all. There is also a third route namely limit the scope for Google to gather the information about you. Since the first two options can be said to be binary, the third one will seem viable opening up further discussion sin this line as to how to limit Google from collecting your personal data.