How To Find My Activity Page On Google

On your phone and computer, you are using many of Google’s products like Android, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Search and others. Hence, Google has several ways to collect information about you. All that you do on the Google Apps and tools is stored on Google Activity page. Google Activity Page is where Google stores the information on the websites you visited, images you have viewed, search terms you typed in the search box and others. Here is how you can find ‘My Activity Page’ on Google.

Go to ‘My Activity’ page

To visit the Google My Activity Page, go to On the ‘My Activity Page’, you will find your activities from different Google Products like Search, Image Search, Maps, Play, Shopping, YouTube, Help and others. All that you did on these tools and apps are stored right on this page.


View your activities

The default setting on the ‘My Activity Page’ will display all your activities in a timeline. All the data you will find on this page is bundled under different dates. If you wish to see the individual items on the list, click on the menu button you will find on the upper left corner and then go to ‘Item View’.

Find the options to work with your ‘Google Activity Data’


The details you will find will also include information like the time when Google recorded the activity and the time when you used the Google product. To view the details of a particular item, you need to tap on the three vertical dots you will find against the said item. You will find options which you can use such as deleting an individual item.