How to resize an image on your iPhone in 2 different ways

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It's easy to resize an image on your iPhone in the Photos app or using the third-party app Image Size.

  • You can resize an image on your iPhone in the Photos app, or by using a third-party app for more editing options.
  • The Photos app only allows you to resize an image to a few preset dimensions, whereas Image Size lets you resize a picture with custom dimensions.
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Your iPhone's camera is a powerful tool with great resolution, multiple photo formats, and even built-in editing tools.

You can use your Photos app to brighten or darken the image, change color saturation, crop the picture, and more. Advertisement

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How to resize an image on an iPhone in Photos

It's also possible to resize an image in the Photos app, with a variety of common dimensions available through the "Edit" feature to ensure the printed image fits a standard picture frame.


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The Photos app on your iPhone only allows you to resize using a few preset image ratios.

While all of these iPhone image editing tools are decent, what none of them can do is resize the image in a carefully customized way - nor can they be used to control image resolution.

To ensure a given picture is of high enough resolution, you'll need a third-party photo editing app.

How to resize an image on an iPhone using Image Size

Image Size is one of the best iPhone photo-resizing apps, and as long as you're willing to view the occasional ad, it's totally free.Once you launch the Image Size app and grant it access to your photos, using it is easy. Advertisement

Tap the icon of a photo at the top left of the app screen (it looks like a mountain inside a box) and select the photo you want to resize from your Photos library.

Now select the measurement format you wish to work with (from pixels to millimeters to inches) and enter the size you want the image to be, noting the maximum allowed.


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Image Size allows you to control both the horizontal and vertical size of a photo, and lets you work with multiple measurement formats.


As you enter the new size values, you'll see the new size of the image displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Once you are happy with your picture's shape and file size (and you have made any other edits within the app), tap the arrow facing down to a line at the bottom of the app to save the resized image back to your Camera Roll.

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