Step-by-Step Guide: How to Get Verified on Facebook and Instagram with Meta Verified in India

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Get Verified on Facebook and Instagram with Meta Verified in India
Verified blue tick on Facebook and InstagramImage credits- Canva
  • Meta is testing its 'verified' subscription service, similar to Twitter Blue, for Facebook and Instagram in India.
  • Interested users are being asked to join a waitlist.
  • Here’s how you can join the waiting list and get verified.
Meta has started testing its verification service in India, which means you can now join the waitlist to get a blue tick on Facebook and Instagram. The subscription fee for the service is ₹1,450 per month if you subscribe through the app on your Android/ iPhone. However, subscribing through the web will cost you less, at ₹1,099 per month. Meta won't have to share a cut with Google/Apple for web subscriptions.

Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Meta Verified in February to increase authenticity and security across Meta services. The service was first launched in Australia and New Zealand and was later rolled out in the US after good results from early testing.

What Meta verified badge offers

Mark Zuckerberg said that Meta Verified aims to improve its services' authenticity and security. Subscribing to Meta Verified will give you a verified badge, and Meta will protect your account from impersonation attempts. This means that if anyone tries to impersonate you, Meta will take action to stop them. As a subscriber, you can access real customer support instead of a bot. You can contact Meta for assistance if you can't see a user's profile picture. Moreover, Meta claims that paying the monthly fees will increase your visibility and expand your reach. Your content will appear more frequently in people's feeds, search results, and comments.

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New users who sign up will also receive exclusive stickers and 100 free monthly stars, the digital currency used on Meta.

How to subscribe to Meta Verified

Users must join the waitlist to subscribe to Meta Verified and fulfill specific criteria. They should have prior experience using Facebook or Instagram, be 18 years old or older, and provide a government-issued ID that displays their name and photo, which matches the name and photo on their Facebook or Instagram account.


To do so, follow the given steps-
  • Click here, and a page will pop up, giving you two options, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Click on Facebook, and a check box asks you to ‘join the waiting list.’
  • Click on ‘Join waiting list,’ and you are done.
  • Once you receive an invite, follow the steps to get verified on Facebook.
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