How to take screenshot on your Iphone

How to take screenshot on your Iphone
At times, you may want to store, share or print what you see on your iPhone or iPad screen. Here we learn how to capture the screenshot of what you see on the screen. This facility lets you have a copy of an open app, a web page, a picture or a browser page that you see on your phone screen.

Different methods to take screen shot in iPhone

1. Pressing ‘Home’ button and ‘Sleep’ button


This is the simplest way to capture a screenshot on an iPhone or iPad. First press and hold the ‘Home’ button and then press the ‘Sleep / wake’ button. This will save the screenshot to your camera roll.

2. Single button method

Turn on to the Accessibility Option by going to the General Settings. This will create a floating button on your screen. You can use this button to take a screenshot on your iPhone.

You can move this floating button anywhere on the screen. When it is not in use, it will fade. However, it will not go away completely. If you find it covering some other elements on the screen, you can move it by touching and dragging it on the screen.


3. Screenshot App method

iPhone comes with a free utility app known as WebCapture, which can also be used on iPad. You can use this to take a screenshot of a webpage.

This simple app acts like a browser when you open it. To use this app, you must input "http://" in front of all URLs. When you take a screenshot of any webpage you see on your phone, it is saved on your camera roll automatically. Note that you can use this feature to take a screenshot of only what you see on the screen and not the entire webpage.

4. Tap a picture method

If you like to take a screenshot of a picture or webpage you see on your iPhone or iPad browser, this is one another method that will come in handy for you.

Touch and hold the picture you see on the screen and it will automatically get saved to the camera roll. You can also make a copy of it to send as an attachment with an email.

When you touch and hold on the picture or webpage you see on the screen, you will see a menu with 3 items displayed on it. These are "Save Image" "Copy" and "Cancel".

Selecting the "Save Image" option stores the image on your camera roll.

Tapping on the "Copy" option makes a copy of the image that you can send as an attachment with an email.

Choosing "Cancel" will cancel the whole process and do nothing more.

5. Using back tap feature

This feature is available only on iPhone 8 and the latest models running on iOs 14. You will not find this feature on iPad. To take a screenshot using the Back Tap feature, follow these steps.

Go to ‘Settings’ and scroll down to ‘Accessibility’.

Under ‘Physical and Motor’ in the next screen, you will see the ‘Touch’ option.

At the end of the list, you will find the ‘Back Tap’ option. Under that, you will see two options: ‘Double Tap and “Triple Tap’.

If you choose the ‘Double Tap’ option, you can take a quick screenshot.

Once this option is enabled, you can start using the ‘Back Tap’ feature for taking screenshots.

How to use the image you find on your camera roll

All the screenshots you made on your phone will be saved by default on your camera roll. Here is how you can use those images. You can email, text, tweet or print the images you have on your camera roll. You can also download it on your PC by syncing your iPhone or iPad with it. These images can also be shared in the wireless mode on all the linked devices if you have iCloud. You can also use the images as wallpaper or assign it to a contact you choose.