HP has confiscated over $10 million worth counterfeit cartridges in India this year⁠— and that involved 170 raids and 144 arrests

  • Over ₹33.5 crore worth of counterfeit products were seized in Delhi-National Capital Region.
  • Bengaluru is second in the list with over ₹22 crore worth of counterfeit products.
  • In over 170 raid by law enforcement authorities, 144 arrests were made across the country.
HP, one of the leading manufacturers of printing products in India has revealed that it has seized over ₹80 crore worth of counterfeit products from the country this year. These seizures are part of the company’s Anti-Counterfeiting and Fraud (ACF) program in India.

As per the report, the Delhi-National Capital Region tops the list with nearly 40% of all the seizures in the country. The second place is occupied by the country’s IT hub Bengaluru. Printing material seized from Mumbai and Chennai where much smaller, about ₹6.5 crore and ₹3.5 crore.

HP has revealed that over the past year, law enforcement authorities conducted over 170 raids across the country and 144 arrests were made after the raids. The authorities seized finished and unfinished cartridges, packaging materials, and various sets of labels which were bring used to manufacture counterfeit HP printing supplies during the raids.


HP has said that in addition to working with authorities to prevent counterfeiting of its products, the company also conducts audits of its supply chain. Further, large and medium-sized customers can request a Customer Delivery Inspection (CDI) if they suspect counterfeit products in their delivery.

HP also allows its customers and channel partners to report counterfeit products on its website. The company claims that customers who purchase products through the Channel Partner Protection Audits (CPPA) certified partners are assured about the authenticity of their products.

Earlier this year, Xiaomi had filed a complaint with the Delhi Police and over 13 lakhs worth of counterfeit Xiaomi products were seized from four suppliers in Gaffar Market, New Delhi. As part of the raids, over 2000 fake products were seized by the police.