IGI Origins trailer out — a prequel of popular first-person shooter Project IGI set to make a comeback

IGI Origins trailer out — a prequel of popular first-person shooter Project IGI set to make a comeback
  • IGI Origins receives its first-ever gameplay trailer after three years.
  • IGI Origins is the prequel to the iconic game Project IGI which was launched in 2000.
  • The game is developed on Unreal Engine.
Three years after its official announcement, IGI Origins has finally released its first-ever trailer revealing some action-packed and stealth moments. The game’s developer, the studio Antimatter Games, has released the first trailer of IGI Origins, which is being developed on Unreal Engine.

The gameplay trailer has been taken from the pre-alpha version, meaning everything you see is subject to change, including the visual representation of the game. It is expected that the graphics will surely improve until the launch.

There has yet to be a release date, but there is a page on Steam where the IGI Origins can be added to favorites.

I.G.I. Origins - what’s new

Like the iconic Project IGI, which was released in 2000, the IGI Origins will be a tactical shooter game along with realistic weapons and stealth; that you can see in the trailer. Like the original game, you start the mission from the target facilities’ outskirts, allowing you to use your binoculars to spot the enemies at the entry points.

The trailer reveals your primary objective is to infiltrate the enemy building stealthily and sabotage their military programs.

In between, the gameplay trailer also pays tribute to some nostalgic features like switching to a third-person view when climbing ladders or while doing melee takedowns.

IGI Origins developers Antimatter Games have ensured players that the game’s development is going at a good pace. They will be sharing more information on the game when it is closer to the launch.

The I.G.I. Toadman Interactive first revealed origins, but the development team has changed, and Antimatter Games took the helm for developing IGI Origins.

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