Instagram reportedly working on a feature that will let users reply to stories with voice notes and images

Instagram reportedly working on a feature that will let users reply to stories with voice notes and images
  • Users can reply to stories with voice notes or images
  • Famous app developer Alessandro Paluzzi spots this new feature.
  • Latest Instagram features and updates in 2022
Instagram is reportedly planning to introduce a new feature that will let the users reply to Stories via voice notes and images. Currently, you can reply to Instagram stories via GIF, text, or the available reactions.

Alessandro Paluzzi, well known for reverse engineering apps, has spotted this feature. As per Paluzzi, the feature will allow users to send direct voice note replies and it is currently under development.

It’s unclear by when can we see the feature debuting on Instagram as Meta hasn't announced anything about it yet. Paluzzi also noted that Meta is working on a feature that will give users the freedom to arrange their posts as they prefer, but details are limited about this one too.
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Instagram has recently launched a feature where users get notified when someone likes their story. While for reactions to stories, users still get to see it in their direct messages. With this new feature, you can like Insta stories without pinging user’s direct messages.

New Instagram updates and features in 2022

The Meta-owned platform has rolled out a bunch of other features like a chronological feed, story links, story auto-captions, social fundraising, subscriptions, and many more.

In 2022, Instagram has introduced an enhanced tag feature, making it easier for creators to receive credit for their work.

In Mexico, Canada, US, Instagram has rolled out long-awaited 3D avatars that will give new representation to users. The idea behind this feature is to take users across Metaverse with all their digital belongings.

With the scheduling live in Instagram profile feature users are now able to separate their live stream from stories and posts. Subscription is a big feature for creators and influencers as it allows them to monetise their content. This feature is restricted to selected users and hopefully, it will be rolled out for a wider user base.

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