JioTag — A pocket-friendly alternative to Apple AirTag for finding your lost belongings

JioTag — A pocket-friendly alternative to Apple AirTag for finding your lost belongings
  • Reliance Jio has launched a new item-tracking device JioTag in India.
  • JioTag is a cheaper alternative to Apple’s AirTag.
  • Originally priced at ₹2,199, the JioTag is now available for a limited-time offer of ₹749.
Reliance Jio has unveiled the JioTag, a bluetooth tracking device that enables users to locate their lost or misplaced items effortlessly. With this launch, Jio has significantly broadened its hardware portfolio. JioTag presents a highly cost-effective option as it has positioned itself as a budget-friendly alternative to trackers like Apple's AirTag and Samsung's Galaxy SmartTag.

Originally priced at ₹2,199, the JioTag is currently available for a limited time offer of just ₹749 in India. In comparison, Apple's AirTag carries a considerably higher price tag of ₹3,490, making JioTag a more affordable alternative for consumers.

JioTag: Features

Reliance Jio asserts that its JioTag tracker boasts of an impressive battery life of up to one year. Not only does it aid in locating lost items, it also offers a handy feature wherein users can double-tap on the tracker to ring their phone, even if it is set to silent mode. Additionally, the JioTag includes a useful alert system that notifies individuals if they accidentally leave behind essential items like wallets, keys or other belongings, providing their location.

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With a range of up to 20 metres indoors and 50 metres outdoors, the JioTag utilises Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. Moreover, it introduces a unique feature called Community Find, which enables users to track the last-known location of a disconnected item. In case the JioTag itself is misplaced, users can report the loss in the JioThings app, and the Jio Community Find feature will assist in locating it. To enhance user convenience, the retail box of the JioTag comes equipped with an extra battery and a lanyard cable. The inclusion of a lanyard simplifies the process of attaching the JioTag to various items.

JioTag or Apple’s AirTag?

The JioTag serves as a practical solution for locating misplaced items such as small purses, wallets, key rings, car keys, and more. It offers affordability as an advantage. However, its effectiveness is restricted to a range of 20-50 metres within one location.


In contrast, Apple AirTags provide enhanced tracking capabilities and prove to be more versatile. They can track items located over 30 feet away from the user's phone by utilising a network of iPhones. Simply put, AirTags leverage Bluetooth connections with any nearby Apple iPhones to guide users to the location of the lost items. Regarding privacy concerns, Apple assures users that these connections are end-to-end encrypted, and neither the company nor any other entity collects location or other details through AirTags.

It's important to note that Apple’s AirTag is not a GPS tracker as it relies on the network of iPhones to determine the location of lost items. Consequently, its effectiveness may vary depending on the presence of a substantial number of iPhone users, making it more suitable for urban areas compared to rural regions.

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