Mayhem Studios announces a new battle royale game with locations, gangs and other elements depicting India

Mayhem Studios announces a new battle royale game with locations, gangs and other elements depicting India
Mayhem Studios
  • Mayhem Studios released a teaser of its new battle royale game - Underworld Gang Wars.
  • The game will rival other mobile titles like Call of Duty: Mobile, Apex Legends and BGMI.
  • Pre-registration for Underworld Gang Wars will begin from May 22.
The subsidiary of Mobile Premier League, Mayhem Studios has announced its first mobile game Underworld Gang Wars. This game will rival battle royale games such as Call of Duty: Mobile, BGMI, and PUBG: New State. The teaser was released by Mayhem Studios via its Twitter handle.

After watching the teaser, we can say Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) is specifically made for the Indian audience. According to Mayhem Studio, the game will have a AAA title. Teaser also highlights that the characters and plot of the game are rooted in India, promising some interesting gameplay. The game is scheduled to launch later this year also pre-registration window will open on May 22.

What to expect from Underworld Gang Wars?
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The game appears to be set up in Indian land as the teaser depicts locations, gangs and icons based in India. Additionally, to provide a real experience, each region in the game resembles a real location, be it a next-door apartment or coal mine. It also features some landmarks including, a fort, stadium, station and a racecourse.

There is nothing to visualize about the gameplay yet. Since it's a battle royale game, we can expect some similar elements to BGMI and Call of Duty if it’s a big-budget game otherwise it might also have inferior graphics similar to games like Knives out or a bust a FAUG. It will only be clear once the game is available to play.


Talking about the announcement, Ojas Vipat, CEO of Mayhem Studios said, “we are thrilled to come up with the first Battle Royale Title that promises to offer one of the most relatable storylines for gamers. UGW’s unique locations and the highly relatable universe with great graphics are sure to provide a great experience for Battle Royale players. We are also excited to put together a blockbuster game with some unique stories of India for the world.”

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