Meet Rozy, South Korean influencer who doesn’t age and is predicted to earn almost $1 million from sponsorships this year

Meet Rozy, South Korean influencer who doesn’t age and is predicted to earn almost $1 million from sponsorships this year
Rozy is a South Korean virtual influencer and model.Rozy/Instagram
  • Rozy has been developed by South Korean company Sidus Studio X.
  • The virtual influencer and model is signed for eight exclusive contracts and is predicted to earn more than $854,000 this year.
  • Virtual models are considered more convenient than celebrities as there are no fears of scandal, and time or space constraints.
Virtual humans could soon take over the Korean entertainment industry as they are now emerging as a blue chip in the advertising industry. Korean pop idols, actors and actresses are wildly popular but virtual humans seem to be more convenient and beneficial as they are not constrained by hectic schedules and scandals.

An example of this emerging trend is Rozy, a virtual influencer and model who has received more than 100 sponsorships and is predicted to earn more than 1 billion Korean won ($854,000 approx) this year.

Rozy was developed by Sidus Studio X in August last year. Aged 22, Rozy looks and feels quite like a human being on her Instagram page which has over 60,000 followers. The fact that she’s a virtual human was actually revealed in December last year and became very popular through an advertising campaign in July this year.

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Rozy has already completed two advertisements this month, and is signed for eight exclusive contracts, Sidus Studio X CEO Baek Seung-yeop said during CBS Radio's 'Kim Hyeon-jung's News Show'.

Future plans

Baek Seung-yeop added that the company has already achieved the profit it was aiming for through Rozy, and its target for this year is over 1 billion Korean won ($854,000 approx). At present Rozy can pose for photos and shake a few moves for videos. But there are bigger plans of releasing Rozy’s voice and even casting her in movies, dramas and entertainment shows.

Why virtual humans are ideal for ad campaigns

According to Baek, Rozy as a virtual human is ideal for advertising campaigns as there are no worries of scandals, time and space. Since virtual humans won’t age, the contracts can also last for a long period of time.

Virtual humans can also be beneficial for customised advertisements targeting specific audiences. For Rozy, her looks are based on the MZ (Millenials and Gen-Z) generation, and not borrowed from a specific person.

Not the first virtual influencer

Similar to Rozy is Miquela Sousa, a 19-year-old Brazilian-American virtual model, musical artist and influencer. Miquela’s Instagram account has been around since 2016 and it currently has 3 million followers.

South Korea is not shy when it comes to experimenting with new technologies. There’s even a new K-Pop group with virtual humans called ‘Eternity’ which has already released two music videos.

These virtual humans still have a lot of work cut out for them but with AI being an emerging technology we can only expect it to get better. That’s quite fascinating and scary at the same time.


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