Meta shuts Bulletin newsletter, refocuses on algorithm to take on TikTok

Meta shuts Bulletin newsletter, refocuses on algorithm to take on TikTok
Meta has announced to shut down its newsletter product called Bulletin for creators and writers by early 2023.

Meta said it will refocus resources from Bulletin to work on its discovery algorithm, that the company is building to take on Chinese short-form video TikTok.

In June 2021, the company launched Bulletin, a set of publishing and subscription tools to support creators in the US.

A meta spokesperson told TechCrunch that while this off-platform product itself is ending, "we remain committed to supporting these and other Creators' success and growth on our platform."

Bulletin writers will continue to earn subscription revenue until the platform shuts down by early 2023.


The move comes as Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has put a freeze on hirings, cut costs and restructure some groups within the company.

Through Bulletin, Meta wanted to support creators, and unify its existing tools with something that could more directly support great writing and audio content from podcasts to Live Audio Rooms all in one place.

Facebook had announced to roll out new investments, products and services aimed to support more independent writers and experts.

Bulletin writers were set to get an opportunity to foster deeper connections with their audiences on Facebook.
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