Nearly 40% of Twitter users in India are happy with Elon Musk's Twitter acquisition

Nearly 40% of Twitter users in India are happy with Elon Musk's Twitter acquisition
Representational image. Business Insider India
Around two in five (37 per cent) Twitter users in India are happy about the micro-blogging platform's acquisition by tech billionaire Elon Musk, with urban millennial users being most likely to say this (at 43 per cent), a report said on Thursday.

According to a survey, commissioned by YouGov, a majority of Twitter users in India believe that the platform will become the most powerful social medium under the Tesla CEO's leadership.

"In India, the Twitter community is not just happy with Elon Musk acquiring the platform, they also believe in his leadership," YouGov said in a statement.

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While three in 10 of those who use Twitter in India (29 per cent) are surprised by this move, a fifth (22 per cent) remained unaffected by the news.

Respondents who expressed negative emotions like worry, sadness and anger and those who said they are unaware of the acquisition, were 8 per cent and 5 per cent, respectively.


Talking about the anticipated user behaviour as a result of the change in leadership, close to two-thirds (64 per cent) of those who currently use Twitter say they will continue using the platform as always.

Only a small proportion of Twitter users plan to make changes like modifying their behaviour on the platform (8 per cent) or switching to other social media platforms (16 per cent), suggests the survey, which included over 1,000 participants.

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