Nvidia's Jensen Huang started with a $10 million failure before shifting gears to become a $1 trillion company

Nvidia's Jensen Huang started with a $10 million failure before shifting gears to become a $1 trillion company
Image credits- Nvidia
  • Nvidia, a tech giant with a market cap of $1 trillion, is founded or co-founded by CEO Jensen Huang.
  • Nvidia almost went bankrupt in its early days, but its GPUs revolutionized the computer gaming industry.
  • Jensen Huang is a visionary leader who has helped Nvidia become a major player in the tech industry.
Nvidia, a company with a history spanning three decades, recently joined the league of tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft, after its market capitalization surpassed $1 trillion. This surge in valuation is a direct result of the growing trend among various tech companies, both large and small, to incorporate generative artificial intelligence tools into their products.

Amidst this wave, Nvidia's incredible success stood out, with its CEO, Jensen Huang, becoming a prominent figure at the company's Computex 2023 exhibition. Huang's journey from working overnight shifts at a restaurant to becoming a driving force behind Nvidia's transformation is inspiring.

Here are seven unknown facts about Jensen Huang.

Biker jackets

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Nvidia's chief, inspired by Steve Jobs, has adopted a distinctive dressing style that includes wearing a black leather biker jacket during keynotes. This iconic attire became a consistent part of his wardrobe for over a decade, impressing stakeholders.

Huang and Nvidia share birthdays

Jensen Huang, along with Curtis Priem and Chris Malachowsky, founded their firm on his 30th birthday, which falls on April 5. The startup received support from Silicon Valley's Sequoia Capital.

Nvidia almost went bankrupt


Nvidia was established in 1993. Its first chip, the NV1, released in 1995 was a failure that cost them $10 million. Within two years of existence, the company had to downsize, and let go of half its 80 employees.

Nvidia's first hit

Nvidia's success came from developing specialized chips that revolutionized motion graphics in computer games. These chips, now known as GPUs (Graphics Processing Units), became a standard component in computer gaming, powering immersive graphics experiences.

Empowers the gaming sector

Nvidia's GPUs established a dominant presence in the gaming industry, fueling numerous globally acclaimed video games. The GeForce suite, Nvidia's line of graphics processing units, serves a massive user base of 200 million gamers, solidifying its position as the most widely utilized GPU brand in the gaming sector.

Major player in self-driving car technology

Nvidia's Drive PX platform plays a crucial role in enabling car manufacturers to develop autonomous vehicles. Prominent among these manufacturers is Tesla Inc., a leading company in the autonomous driving industry. Tesla embraced Nvidia's Drive PX 2 open AI platform to power its cutting-edge autonomous car technology.

Huang & philanthropy

Huang is also widely recognized for his philanthropic endeavours. One such act is a $30 million donation to Stanford University, which led to the establishment of the Jen-Hsun Huang School of Engineering Center. This center, located within Stanford's Science and Engineering Quad is one its prominent buildings.

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