Paytm makes it easier to pay credit card bills – here are five reasons why you should be using it

Paytm makes it easier to pay credit card bills – here are five reasons why you should be using it
Paytm is a pioneer of QR-based and mobile payments and the Paytm app has become a one-stop-shop for all kinds of payments online over the years. The platform allows users to shop online, make payments using UPI, book tickets, recharge mobile phones and much more. The platform that began India’s fintech revolution is more than just a general payments app today, and one of its most useful functions is in managing and paying credit card bills.

Paying credit card bills on Paytm is simple, easy and functional. It can remind you when it’s time to pay, and can be used to pay multiple bills at the same time. Here are some reasons you should use the Paytm application to pay credit card bills.
  • The Paytm app makes credit card payments easy by allowing users to add multiple cards to the app and remember them.
  • By adding multiple cards, the app also allows users to pay for all the credit cards at the same time. The Paytm app allows you to pay your credit card bill for all banks across Visa, Mastercard, Rupay, American Express, and Diner card portfolios.
  • The app also provides rewards, cashback, and flexible payment methods for users to pay credit card bills.
  • While bank applications usually use NEFT or IMPS methods for bill payment, the Paytm app throws UPI into the mix.
  • The Paytm app also allows the user to set reminders for bill payments, so they don’t miss the due date.
How to make payments using Paytm app
If you don’t have a Paytm account, you need to download the app on your iOS or Android smartphone and create one. Once that is done, you can go to the ‘recharge & bill payment’ section on the Paytm app and select the ‘credit card payment’ option.

The app will ask you to enter the credit card number when you make a payment the first time, but it can remember the card after that. With the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) new guidelines in place, the cards will be saved with Visa, Mastercard, or another card issuer, and Paytm won’t actually store the details on its own servers.

Once the card number is entered, the user will need to click ‘proceed’, to allow the app to automatically detect the bill amount by contacting your bank. The next step is simply to select one of the payment modes — UPI, net banking, debit card, etc — and make the payment.

A decade ago, people had to go to an ATM and drop a cheque to pay their credit card bills, but the Internet made that simpler. And now, apps like Paytm are making this process easier by bringing different cards and different payment methods to the same medium. Add features like late fee protection and reminders on top, and you have perhaps the best way to make credit card payments.

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