Sonos is suing Google in federal court, alleging the company stole its technology

Sonos is suing Google in federal court, alleging the company stole its technology

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Sonos on Tuesday sued Google in federal court, alleging that the tech giant infringed on five of its patents. The New York Times' Jack Nicas and Daisuke Wakabayashi were the first to report the news.

Sonos, which makes wireless home speakers, said that Google stole patented technology, including the tech that lets smart speakers pair and sync. Sonos is seeking to ban Google's smartphones, laptops, and smart speakers from being sold in the US, as well as unspecified financial damages.

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Sonos and Google did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment on the lawsuit. Google told the Times it disputes Sonos' allegations.

"Google has been blatantly and knowingly copying our patented technology," Patrick Spence, Sonos CEO, told The Times in a statement. "Despite our repeated and extensive efforts over the last few years, Google has not shown any willingness to work with us on a mutually beneficial solution. We're left with no choice but to litigate."


Sonos is suing both in the Federal District Court of Los Angeles and the United States International Trade Commission, according to the Times - the latter has the power to blog imported goods that violate patents.

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