Sony unveils its electric car concept with 33 sensors and four displays

Sony unveils its electric car concept with 33 sensors and four displays
  • The Sony Vision-S is a concept electric vehicle designed to showcase the future of automotive technology.
  • The Vision-S comes with 33 sensors, Sony’s 360-degree Reality Audio and a new EV platform.
Japanese conglomerate Sony announced an electric concept car at the CES 2020 in Las Vegas. While their foray into the EV segment with Vision-S was surprise, what did not baffle the users is that it included the best technologies in Sony’s wide portfolio -- be it sensors or audio and entertainment products.

Sony is best known for its gaming consoles, audio and video products.

But to make an EV, Sony collaborated with BlackBerry, Bosch, Nvidia and Qualcomm.

The car with 33 sensors

It needs to be mentioned that the car is not being manufactured. In fact, it’s far from it.

“This prototype embodies our contribution to the future of mobility,” said Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida at the event. Sony also designed a new EV platform that could be used in other vehicles as well.

Sony’s car comes embedded with 33 sensors - both inside and outside. They help in spotting hazards, and alert drivers as they wander off a lane.

And no user of the car will ever get bored. Sony included its 360-degree Reality Audio tech to offer an immersive experience. Its dashboard is a full-width display and the center console has a is a secondary display. There are two displays behind the front seats, allowing rear passengers to stay entertained.

Will Sony compete with Tesla?

It is unlikely that Sony will manufacture the Vision-S and compete with the likes of Tesla. Yoshida maintained that the car is a way to showcase the future of automobiles.

However, Sony could very likely offer its reality audio tech, sensors and the new EV platform to car manufacturers who want to design futuristic cars.

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