Staff say 'stay away from Twitter 2.0' in Blind reviews due to its 'toxic' culture under Elon Musk

Staff say 'stay away from Twitter 2.0' in Blind reviews due to its 'toxic' culture under Elon Musk
Twitter employees have posted 180 reviews on Blind since Elon Musk took over.Getty Images
  • Twitter employees are warning potential recruits to "stay away" from the company in Blind reviews.
  • One worker claimed the company has a "cut-throat culture" since Elon Musk took over the platform.

Twitter employees are posting reviews of the company on Blind and warning potential new hires to "stay away from Twitter 2.0."

Staff have posted 33 reviews of their employer on the anonymous networking site this month. Some are warning people not to join Twitter, while others say the culture has changed for the worse and described it as "toxic."

One Blind user told people to "wake up and stay away from Twitter 2.0" in their review on December 3. They said the company offered "fair compensation" to those who joined earlier, but that "Elon Musk ruined everything" because the "pay is no longer transparent."

Blind has told Insider that users can only upload a review of a company they work for. The anonymous posters are required to provide their work email address, job title and employer when they sign up so Blind can "gauge the professional status" of users.

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A self-described people manager said Twitter was once an "amazing company" with a "welcoming culture" in their review posted December 6. They also said: "Don't come here if you value well-being or a safe workplace."

Another Twitter employee gave the company a rating of one star out of five. In their list of pros, they said: "Nothing tbh. Twitter 1.0 was cool, but the new one, if you can work elsewhere just go there."

The worker included "cut-throat culture" and "leadership just sucking up to EM" among their list of cons in their review.


One reviewer described it as a "sinking ship with Elon Musk" in their review. They said: "Overworked with extreme hours, always on PIP [performance improvement plan] and threatened to get fired, supervised by under-qualified engineers, no credit for work, no decision-making power."

Musk issued Twitter staff an ultimatum to sign up to his "Twitter 2.0" vision and "work long hours at high intensity" or quit after he fired almost half of Twitter's workforce last month.

About 1,400 Twitter employees signed up to Blind after Musk bought Twitter on October 27, Blind's co-founder told Insider. A total of 180 reviews of Twitter have been posted by employees on Blind since Musk took over.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.