Things to keep in mind when buying a smart AC for your home in 2023

Things to keep in mind when buying a smart AC for your home in 2023
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  • Deciding on the perfect air conditioner requires careful consideration due to a vast array of options available at different price points.
  • When buying a smart AC, key factors to keep in mind are app compatibility, room size, energy efficiency, and Google Assistant/ Alexa support.
  • Opting for an AC with smart temperature controls can help reduce electricity bills while providing optimal cooling.
A reliable air conditioner is a must-have as summer draws near and you gear up to fight off the heat. But with so many options available across a wide range of prices, choosing the right one in 2023 requires serious contemplation. After all, ACs are long-term investments, and you want to ensure that yours is built to last and has some smart features.

With technology advancing rapidly, it is no surprise that smart air conditioning systems have become increasingly popular. Smart ACs keep your home cool and comfortable and come equipped with features that enhance energy efficiency and convenience. However, with so many available options, it can be challenging to determine which one is the best fit for your home.

This article will discuss the key factors to consider when buying smart ACs.

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Invest in an AC with app compatibility

For those notorious for misplacing their TV remotes, an air conditioner remote is no different. Imagine walking into a room where the AC is set to a temperature too cold or hot for comfort. A solution to this issue is to purchase an air conditioner with smartphone app support. These ACs make use of Bluetooth technology to allow users to control the AC using their phones. Some models even offer Wi-Fi connectivity, giving users the ability to remotely control the AC.

Room size

The next factor to consider is the size of the room where you want to install the smart AC. The size of the AC you choose should match the room's dimensions to ensure optimal cooling.

Energy efficiency

Another critical factor to consider when buying a smart AC is its energy efficiency rating. A more energy-efficient AC will not only reduce your energy bills but also have less of an impact on the environment. Look for models with Energy Star ratings or those that use inverter technology, which adjusts the compressor speed to match the cooling load and reduces energy consumption.

Google Assistant and Alexa support

Many AC manufacturers now offer Google Assistant and Alexa compatibility with their products, enabling users to control their air conditioners through voice commands. With this feature, users can turn their AC on/off, adjust the temperature, and perform other tasks using just their voice, even without a remote or smartphone app.

Split or Window

In terms of cooling efficiency, both types of ACs are comparable. However, the main difference lies in their pricing and features. Window ACs are generally more affordable and offer fewer features compared to Split ACs, which can be pricier but come with additional features such as sleep mode and turbo cooling. It is worth noting that Split ACs can be installed in any room, while Window ACs require a properly sized window that matches the dimensions of the AC.

AC with smart temperature controls

Air conditioners consume a significant amount of power, resulting in higher electricity bills during hot summer months. However, opting for an AC with smart temperature controls can help improve this situation. These ACs adjust the temperature based on the current room temperature. Once the desired temperature is reached, the AC slows down cooling, and when the temperature increases, it amps up the cooling again. This feature ensures that the AC consumes minimal power while providing optimal cooling at all times.

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