This optical illusion asking people to “find the curved lines“ is the new trend on the internet

This optical illusion asking people to “find the curved lines“ is the new trend on the internet
  • Optical illusions are confusing for most people.
  • Users tend to solve the mystery behind them.
  • Let’s take a look at the latest internet trend making people feel trippy and dizzy.
Optical illusion often leaves people confused and intrigued. The new trend on the internet asking people to “find the curved lines” is no different. Users on Twitter are sharing the posts in huge numbers and asking their followers to find the curved line which keeps changing as you look away from it.

Optical illusion

If you haven’t seen the post, let’s take a look at it and how netizens are reacting to it.

After the post was shared, users tried to find the science behind the optical illusion and how it worked. A user tried to explain how the tiles were designed in the illusion. Other users said the illusion hurt their brain and left them dizzy.
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Let’s take a look at how the netizens reacted to the post.


This is yet another trending optical illusion that the netizens are sharing. Over the past few years many such digital images have left the users confused and intrigued. In 2015, a blue and black dress was perceived by many as a white and gold dress.

Earlier this year, an optical illusion of a man walking into the snow revealed it was actually a dog walking in the snow.

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