Tim Cook’s ‘One More Thing’ that changes the world of tech every year

Tim Cook’s ‘One More Thing’ that changes the world of tech every year
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  • Apple’s iconic speeches over the years give a view into how technology has grown and evolved over the years.
  • Business Insider takes a look at the rear view mirror to see how technology evolved from 3G to Facetime to watches that measure your heart beat.
  • Its Wonderlust event on September 12 is expected to launch the new iPhone 15 series, and a revised line-up of Apple watch and watch Ultra.
The year was 2007, and a sub-prime crisis which was to hit the markets was still brewing — but that’s not the tipping point that changed the world permanently. It was the launch of an iphone – rather a phone that changed phones forever. Just to refresh, until then even smartphones had Qwerty keypads with barely enough capabilities to download an e-mail.

In July, Steve Jobs changed it, as he said his iconic line ‘One more thing’ — to inform the world that an ipod, a phone and an internet communicator can all be in the same device. A phone that’s not just smart but smooth without pointing devices that most other PDAs – short for personal digital assistants.

“We’re going to use a pointing device that we’re all born with — born with ten of them. We’re going to use our fingers. We’re going to touch this with our fingers. And we have invented a new technology called multi-touch, which is phenomenal. It works like magic,” Jobs said.

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The phone, as expensive as it is, went viral.

A year later, when Jobs came to the same stage a lot had happened. By then, the iphone had made it to the cover of TIME magazine and more importantly, its users were gaining a lot from it – texting voraciously and e-mailing — as the culture of texting before calling was gaining ground.


“We launched it in six countries but it’s now being used all over the world,” Jobs said, leaving the audience in splits.

Indians back home would have laughed in front of their TVs too. Everyone who came down from the US not only sported an iphone but also brought a few more back to friends and family. Unlocking iphones had become a cottage industry in the bylanes of Chorbazaar in Mumbai and high streets that sold electronics all over the country.

Yet, Apple outdid itself again by introducing the iphone 3G with better battery life, voice controls and more importantly — upgraded to the next-gen Internet waves of the time, 3G. Before he sold the phone, he sold 3G by demonstrating how fast it was compared to ‘Edge’ internet.

Internet in your hand; Calls with Face

In 2010, Jobs was back to the stage – after missing the 2009 event due to his liver transplant. He introduced the world to a premium web browsing experience that trumps even the laptop —with an iPad.

“The whole web page is in front of you. It’s like holding the Internet in your hands,” he said as he took the audience to a New York Times home page — and also a Facebook page. This was even more surprising considering Jobs and Apple took a U-turn on their initial impressions about the tablet space. Who would have known, that not only will iPad lead the tablet space but will eventually be powered by Apple’s own Silicone, the M1.

Today the iPad Pro even has the capability to sport Final Cut Pro & Logic Pro, which are professional grade creative softwares.

But there is a lot more to add to the iphones too as the very same year, Apple launched iphone 4 where FaceTime made its debut on the device which had front or rear cameras. Two people only had to have an iphone 4 and WiFi could video call without a set-up, Jobs announced.

“You don’t need a server, you don’t have to type in anything, a special code, a buddy list. You just have to make a phone call. And the video and audio quality is great,” the Apple founder told a mesmerized audience.

The same year, Jobs launched Apple’s new Macbook Air which was as thin as a notebook could be and rigid and lightweight. “What if the iPad and a laptop hooked up,” he told the audience.

Jobs passed away in 2011 from pancreatic cancer, at the age of 56. Even with the iPhone 4S with Siri, an intelligent voice communicator, Jobs, was not present at the event. The last product he helped create was the iPhone 5, which was launched in 2012.

Captained by Cook

The next most stunning product that Apple launched was by Tim Cook in 2014, after he became the CEO in August 2011. The smartwatch senses raising the wrist activates the device and syncs seamlessly with the iphone. It's also a comprehensive health and fitness device.

“We found new and intimate ways to connect and communicate directly from your wrist,” he said. Since then, iphones and their intelligent ways have saved many people by detecting crashes, measuring BP, heart rates, sleep patterns, counted steps and paved the way for people to ‘measure their health’.

Over the years, the phone too has upgraded its cameras, sensors and utilities that have helped people play concerts, make movies and more with the devices — much more than Jobs himself could have imagined. It’s now all set to launch iphone 15 extending the generation of phones – and spectators expect another set of jaw dropping ‘One more thing’ announcements on the event to be held on September 12.

What to expect from Apple’s Wonderlust Event

USB Type-C port

With new EU regulations, the iPhone this year might finally say goodbye to lighting ports.

Dynamic Island

The iPhone 15 series this year might feature the dynamic island on all 4 variants.

4 new iPhones

Yes we can see 4 iPhones again this year - regular iphone 15, then a 15 Plus, a 15 Pro and a Pro Max.

Hardware Change

Revised touch sensitive buttons, yes the pro models might see touch sensitive controls for volume rockers, saying hard press buttons bye bye.

Upgraded Camera

Camera department on the Pro models might see an upgrade with an added periscope lens, for better long range photography

If you wish to learn more about the upcoming iPhones check out our video.

Along with the iPhone we can also expect to see the latest variants for the Apple watch and watch ultra. Started out as a wearable, the Apple watch has evolved over the years. On multiple occasions saving lives. Here is a video recalling some recent cases.