​Google it: Here are 10 Googling tips to help you search better

Aug 31, 2021

By: Shadab Rabbani

Quotation Mark

If you want to search for an exact term, put it under quotes to get results that contain the exact term. E.g- “Stocks to Buy”

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You can exclude a term from your search by adding a hyphen before it. E.g. Ronaldo -Cristiano will not show results containing the word ‘Cristiano’.

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You can use the “~” symbol before a term if you want to view results with its synonyms. E.g.- coding ~courses.

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To search for a term on a specific website, use "site:" between the term and the site. E.g.- Apple site:businessinsider.in

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Vertical Bar

Use the vertical bar, “|”, symbol if you wish to combine searches for two terms. You can also use OR. E.g. marathon | race, marathon OR race.

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Two Periods

Put two periods “..” between two numbers to search between the number ranges. E.g.- laptop 40000..60000

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You use “Location:” to search for results related to a specific location. E.g.- Kohli location:Mumbai

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Put the dollar “$” symbol in front of a number to search for a specific price. E.g.- camera $50000

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Put "cache:" in front of the site address to see Google’s cached version of a website. E.g.- cache:businessinsider.in

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At @

Use the “@” symbol before a social media site’s name to search for a term on it. E.g. bcci @twitter

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