Top features of iOS 16 that you must try on your iPhone

Sep 13, 2022

By: Shradha Aneja

Lock Screen

Users can create multiple lock screens and customise the look by adding widgets and changing colour and font. The Lock screen enables you to browse all notifications and updates from the bottom of the screen. Also, users can get real-time live notifications from applications like cab, weather and more.

Credit: Apple


With the new message feature, users can edit a message, undo a sent message within two minutes, recover recently deleted messages and mark unread messages. Users can also use SharePlay and watch videos together while chatting.

Credit: Apple

​Health and Fitness

Users can keep track, schedule and get reminders of their medicines from the Health app. This new update also allows the users to stay motivated with the Fitness app that tracks your exercise and keeps you motivated to reach your fitness goal.

Credit: Apple


Users can now add emojis to any message/text, automatically send messages, hang up a call and ask questions without an internet connection.

Credit: Apple

​Audio message

Users can easily listen to the audio messages in their comfort by rewinding and fast-forwarding.

Credit: Apple


Users can share a set of tabs with other people and work collaboratively on them. Also, users can pin a specific tab from your tab group.

Credit: Apple

​Live Text

This new feature makes it easy for the users to copy and paste, lookup and translate text from any paused video.

Credit: Apple


Users can easily switch their calls from iPhone to iPad or Mac or vice-versa.

Credit: Apple


Users can get smart search suggestions and smart search corrections to help them search for emails quickly and easily. Also, users can schedule their emails to send later.

Credit: Apple

​Filter SMS

Users can sort and filter messages based on the SIM they’re sent to.

Credit: Apple

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