Twitter finally opens public appeals for suspended accounts — here’s how you can reclaim your lost profile

Twitter finally opens public appeals for suspended accounts — here’s how you can reclaim your lost profile
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  • Twitter has announced that anyone with a suspended account can request a review for reinstatement under new criteria.
  • The appeals will be evaluated under new criteria set by Twitter, but the details of these criteria have not been disclosed.
  • According to Twitter, the review process can take several days.
Twitter, a microblogging site, has recently said that users will soon be able to appeal account suspension and get their accounts evaluated under new safety standards. In a tweet thread posted by TwitterSafety, the company said, “Starting today, anyone can request that we review a suspended account for reinstatement under our new criteria.”

When Elon Musk took over Twitter, he said he would offer amnesty to previously banned and suspended accounts. Since then, he has restored dozens of controversial high-profile users, including Donald Trump (yet to return to the platform), comedian Kathy Griffin, number of white nationalists, and much controversial Bollywood actress, Kangana Ranaut.

Now, Twitter is opening a public-facing appeals process by which anyone whose account has previously been suspended to request reinstatement.

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The company also indicated a new appeals process would be coming as part of its policy to take ‘less severe actions’ against rule-breaking accounts. Going forward, the company also said they will take less severe action.

Twitter also added that appeals would be evaluated under new criteria for reinstatement, but it didn’t elaborate on the criteria and how long the process would take.

To appeal a suspended Twitter account, follow these steps.


  1. Go to the Twitter Help Center: Visit and click on “Report a suspended account” under the “Accounts” category.
  2. Log in to your suspended account: You will be prompted to log in to your suspended account if you are not already logged in.
  3. Submit an appeal form: Fill out the appeal form with the required information and provide a detailed explanation of why you believe your account was suspended in error.
  4. Wait for a response: Twitter will review your appeal and respond with a decision. The review process can take several days.
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