WhatsApp Throws In Disappearing Message Feature On Its Latest Update And Dark Mode

When you upgrade your WhatsApp messaging app with its latest update, you will find an innovative and interesting feature incorporated in the app. The latest update of WhatsApp has confirmed that the users can now benefit from the all new disappearing message feature.

Sometime in October, there were some talks in the media that said WhatsApp is working on a concept known as disappearing messages. As suggested by the name, this feature will automatically delete the messages after a preset interval of time that the user has specified. Now WhatsApp has revamped its app by sophisticating the disappearing messages feature further.

WhatsApp beta version 2.19.348 meant for Android phones has the disappearing messages feature which the app makers have now renamed as ‘Delete Messages’, says WABetaInfo. WhatsApp has said that this feature is presently under development and till date it has not been made available to the public beta users. One-to-one and group chat users can now use the ‘Delete Messages’ feature.

Delete Messages feature will show up a toggle on and toggle off button in the contact info for chats. In case of group chats, only the admins will be able to turn this feature on and off. With regard to the time interval to delete the given message, the users can choose from options including 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year. Depending on the time set for the delete message, the messages sent to the given chat will automatically disappear. For instance, if the user selects 1 hour, all the messages sent on that particular chat will disappear after that time.

Unlike what happens when you use the feature ‘Delete for Everyone’, this new feature will not leave even a trace of the message. To make it more clear, when the users delete messages on WhatsApp, they will see a message that reads, “This message has been deleted”. On the other hand, with the disappearing messages feature hitting your phones with the latest update, it will look as though the message never existed once the message is auto-deleted as per the preset time. Also called as self-destructing messages, disappearing message is not a new feature found on the social media platforms. In fact, they are already available on platforms like Telegram and Signal. WhatsApp is rather very late to catch up with this popularly trending concept.

WhatsApp has said that is has developed this feature for the app’s dark mode as well. As this feature is almost ready now, WhatsApp’s dark mode is expected to roll out anytime in the near future.

WhatsApp dark mode will be the unilluminated interface of the app that will not hurt the eyes of the users too much. Usually most interfaces meant for the PCs and phones present black text on white background, which a majority of users feel to be an eye-sore. Dark mode inverts the colors and thus provides a viable alternative to avoid the eye strain.

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