Windows 11 roll-out: The best features in Microsoft’s latest OS update

Oct 7, 2021

By: Shadab Rabbani

When did Windows 11 roll-out?

Windows 11, Microsoft’s first generational OS update since Windows 10 in 2015, rolled out on October 5.

Credit: Microsoft

Top features of Windows 11

Windows 11 has made multi-tasking easier for its users. Have a look at some key features we liked.

Credit: Microsoft

Snap Layout

When multiple windows are open, Windows 11 allows users to group multiple applications together in a grid. They can be saved for easier access.

Credit: Microsoft

Snap Groups

They are the set of open windows that are saved Snap Layouts, found in the taskbar, which you can access later.

Credit: Microsoft

Multiple Virtual Desktop

Windows 11 allows users to create and manage multiple virtual desktops on the same PC as per their needs, such as for school, work, gaming and others.

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft App Store

The Microsoft App Store has a new design and improved integration with digital content.

Credit: Microsoft

Open Files using Start Menu

The redesigned start menu has now become the place to find your files and browsing history and look for application shortcuts.

Credit: Microsoft

Easier access to Microsoft Teams

In Windows 11, users can access Microsoft Teams faster than ever as it is now integrated with the taskbar.

Credit: Microsoft


You now have a dedicated Widgets icon on the taskbar that allows you to view the latest weather updates, news, to-do list and more.

Credit: Microsoft

Android Apps

Windows 11 is bringing native support to Android applications, however, this feature will be rolled out with future releases.

Credit: Microsoft

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