Xiaomi’s CyberOne humanoid robot can detect human emotions and costs as much as a Ford Mustang

Xiaomi’s CyberOne humanoid robot can detect human emotions and costs as much as a Ford Mustang
Xiaomi CyberOneXiaomi
  • Xiaomi revealed a humanoid robot, the CyberOne, at an event in China.
  • The CyberOne can listen to human interactions and detect emotions.
  • Currently, each unit of CyberOne can cost up to CNY 700,000 (approx. ₹82.31 lakh).
Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has revealed CyberOne, a humanoid robot, during an event in China. This is the country’s first humanoid robot after the company introduced a robot dog, the CyberDog, in August 2021.

The company launched the CyberOne along with its foldable phone. The humanoid robot was seen with the company’s chief executive officer Lei Jun on stage. The robot handed a flower to Jun on stage.

After showcasing a few moves, the CyberOne poses for a selfie with Jun.

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Xiaomi has said that the CyberOne has been fitted with advanced arms and legs that support bipedal-motion posture balancing. The company has also claimed that the humanoid has a high emotional quotient, can detect human emotions, and has advanced vision capabilities.

CyberOne features two microphones and two cameras, allowing it to hear and see in three dimensions. It uses microphones to analyze human vocal expressions and can detect 45 different emotions.

The CyberOne weighs 52 kg and has a height of 5 feet 8 inches (177 cm). It can walk at a speed of 3.6 km per hour and grip objects while it walks.

It is to be noted that CyberOne is still in development and may take a long time before it is ready for commercial launch. Each unit of CyberOne can cost between CNY 600,000 to CNY 700,000 (approx. ₹71 lakh to ₹82.8 lakh). The company will have to significantly reduce the price if it plans on building it on a large scale.

The CyberOne is still in the early stages of development and cannot be compared to other humanoid robots, such as the Atlas from Boston Dynamics. Boston Dynamics worked on Atlas for over 25 years and continues to develop it.

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