NOPE: People Are Getting Rejected Hundreds Of Millions Of Times On Tinder Every Day

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Denied. Again. And again.

In real life, people date and subject themselves to a lot of rejection just to find The One (or The Two or The Three).

One research study published by The Guardian in January suggests the average woman kisses 15 men, has 2 heartbreaks, 4 one-night stands and 4 terrible dates before finding Mr. or Mrs. Right.

On Tinder, it's not much different.
The New York Times published some stunning facts about the fast-growing dating app that lets users swipe yes or no on other people's profiles based on their photos. Those stats are:
  • An estimated 50 million people use Tinder every month.
  • There are more than 1 billion profile swipes per day on Tinder.
  • Tinder makes 12 million matches made per day.

Read those last two points again. There are more than 1 billion swipes, and only 12 million matches.

Do some simple math and you realize there's a LOT of rejection happening on Tinder. In fact, rejection could be happening 988 million times per day. The odds, just like in real-world dating, are not in your favor.

Tinder rejections aren't as simple to calculate as that, however. To get to 1 billion+ swipes, all 50 million people need to be swiping through at least 20 profiles per day (and you can assume Tinder's number of daily active users is actually lower than its MAUs).

Two people may not be viewing each other's profiles on the same day, which could lead to a delayed match, if there is a match at all. A match is only made if both people find each others' profiles attractive. Tinder feelings - even if they're just looks-related - have to be mutual, just like in real-life. We reached out to Tinder to discover how many rejections actually happen per day on the app. We haven't heard back yet, but you can assume its a few hundred million.