​Tired of real politicians making promises they never keep?

Don’t worry; you might soon have an AI one to disappoint you instead! From AI influencers to AI beauty pageants, here are five unexpected professions artificial intelligence is already taking over.

Jun 21, 2024

By: ankush.banerjee@timesinternet.in

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Social Media Influencers

AI influencers such as Naina avtr, Lil Miquela and Shudu Gram are proliferating quickly on social media, amassing millions of followers with their fashion-forward posts, music collaborations, and interactive content — blurring the line between real and digital fame.

Credit: Instagram: @naina_avtr

Beauty Pageants

Yes, AI beauty pageants are a thing now. FanVue released the Miss AI beauty pageant earlier this month, and many AI models have already been selected as finalists, including Zara Shatavari from India.

Credit: Instagram: @zarashatavari


From SAM in New Zealand to AI Steve running as a candidate in the UK, these AI-driven entities intend to engage citizens in a whole new way by analysing mass public sentiment and proposing innovative solutions. They are set to redefine what politics looks like in the future.

Credit: Steve AI


IBM pioneered Chef Watson over half a decade ago, in the hopes to use AI to craft, let’s call it “unique” recipes, based on sophisticated flavour analysis and ingredient pairing. The AI Chef even has a cookbook published!

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​News Anchors​

Following Xinhua's 2018 debut, AI news anchors have reached India. Doordarshan introduced AI anchors Krish and Bhoomi for farmers, while another AI called Sana even interacted with Shah Rukh Khan on India Today, showcasing AI's expanding role in media and entertainment.

Credit: Youtube: India Today


Feeling misunderstood—how about a robot shoulder to lean on? Woebot and Replika provide empathetic support and therapy through AI-powered conversations that even match your texting style! These bots offer personalised mental health assistance and companionship in a digital age.

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