Teens Are Setting Themselves On Fire In Hopes Of Becoming Social Media Famous


On Fire


Forget the town pool or weekend trips to the beach. This summer, teenagers have found something way more productive to do with their time; light themselves on fire in hopes of becoming social media famous on platforms like YouTube and Vine.


The Daily Dot reports on this phenomenon, saying "the trend isn't exactly new, but it seems to have reached a fever pitch in the last week: A 15-year-old in Lexington, Ky., suffered second-degree burns after torching his torso, while a phony report of another boy dying in Buffalo, N.Y., has begun to make the social media rounds."

If you search through the #FireChallenge hashtag on Vine or Twitter, you get a horrifying look at what this trend entails. This is not the old harmless swinging of your finger through a lit candle.

These kids are dousing themselves in lighter fluid and then taking a match to their skin.


This same kid, who got his wish to go viral, came back later with Part 2, an explanation of what happens when you light yourself on fire.

The message: don't do this at home.

Ya think?

You can read The Daily Dot's report, which also includes a bunch of NSFW Vines of teenagers lighting matches to their bare behinds.