Thanks To An Early Flaw, It's Possible To See Which Facebook Users 'Bang With Friends'


Bang With Friends


The racy pic BWF uses on its Google Play page

Bang With Friends (BWF) is a website and app that does exactly what its name implies.


It helps you turn Facebook friends into hookup buddies, and it has gained so much early traction, it is raising ~ $1 million from investors.

BWF promises no one will know you're using the service unless someone you're interested in is interested in you as well.

But if you started using the service prior to January, there's a chance your BWF activity can be viewed by your Facebook friends. According to the Wall Street Journal, a link was being passed around Facebook yesterday that showed which friends are using BWF.

The app's creators say the link only exposes a "small number of users" who signed up for the service prior to January, before current privacy settings were in place. When you signed up for BWF originally, the profile setting was set to "public" by default. Now it's set to "only me" unless you manually change it.


“We take privacy very seriously at Bang With Friends and the vast majority of users will not show up in such a search," the company said in a statement. "If you installed the app after January, you won’t show up (unless you manually changed your privacy setting)."

Snapchat also had a privacy ordeal yesterday when a researcher found a way to pull old Snapchat photos, which are supposed to be deleted as soon as they're sent and received, off Android devices.

It's just another reminder that anything you "share" isn't really private at all.