The 10 coolest graduation speakers of 2015


The spring semester is winding down for college seniors across the US, and graduation ceremonies will take place throughout May and June.


Many colleges have lined up impressive commencement speakers, landing reputable industry leaders in business, politics, and entertainment. But reputable doesn't necessarily mean cool, so we pored through the list to find the speakers with the most buzz this year.

Take a look at the coolest graduation speakers scheduled for 2015:

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1. Ryan Seacrest - The radio personality, reality television host, and TV producer of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" acclaim will speak at Boston University.

2. Maya Rudolph - The actress and comedian is speaking at Tulane University. She has some big shoes to fill as fellow "Saturday Night Live" cast member, Amy Poehler, gave a hilarious speech at Harvard in 2011. 


3. Bill Nye - The famed "science guy" will speak at Rutgers University.

4. Tim Cook - Although the launch of the Apple watch has dominated most of the news reports for the Apple CEO, Cook will take a a break from touting the watch to speak to students at George Washington University. 

5. Christopher Nolan - Writer-producer of mega-blockbusters, "Inception," the "Dark Knight Trilogy," and, most recently, "Interstellar," Nolan will speak to students at Princeton University.

6. President Barack Obama - The President of The United States gave the commencement speech at Lake Area Technical Institute on Friday, and he will deliver another speech at the US Coast Guard Academy on May 20.

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7. Michelle Obama - Not to be outdone by the president, the first lady will speak at Tuskegee University on Saturday and Oberlin College on May 25.


8. Katie Couric - The author and journalist will give the commencement speech at the University of Wisconsin.

9. Matthew McConaughey  -After a stellar year that yielded an Oscar for his performance in "Dallas Buyers Club," and highly acclaimed performances in "Interstellar" and the HBO series "True Detective," McConaughey will speak at the University of Houston. 

10. Stephen Colbert - He's made a number of the "Funniest Commencement Speeches of all Time" lists with his appearances at Northwestern University and the University of Virginia, so students at Wake Forest University must be excited to have him as their 2015 commencement speaker.