The 10 most popular law schools in America


Georgetown University Law Center School Campus

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Georgetown University Law Center

Despite a serious overall dip in the number of law school applications across the US, many of the most competitive schools still draw thousands of students hopeful to attend.


Georgetown University - #14 in US News & World Report's most recent ranking - got close to 8,000 applications for its most recent class, by far the most of any law school in the country. US News recently ranked the top 10 law schools that received the most applications in fall 2014, noting that applications overall are on the decline.

"A mere 55,700 students applied to law schools approved by the American Bar Association in 2014, according to data from the Law School Admission Council. That's a far cry from the more than 100,000 prospective attorneys those schools drew a decade earlier," according to US News.

However, these schools don't seem to be struggling. Here are the 10 most popular law schools in the country, and how many applications they each receieved this year:

  1. Georgetown University - 7,793
  2. New York University - 6,193
  3. Columbia University - 6,188
  4. Harvard University - 5,943
  5. University of Pennsylvania - 5,828
  6. University of California, Berkeley - 5,669
  7. George Washington University - 5,549
  8. University of California, Los Angeles - 5,383
  9. Duke University - 5,358
  10. University of Virginia - 5,233

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