The 14 Coolest Places To Work In New York's Hottest Neighborhoods


meetup has one of the best beer selections we've seen

Daniel Goodman/Business Insider

Yes, this is in an office.

For all of the hype over Silicon Valley, New York is still the finance, art, and media hub of the country, and plenty of young companies are taking full advantage.


In just about every neighborhood in New York, you can find an awesome new business with fantastic perks that's hiring lots of people.

We've picked out some of our favorites around the city, from emerging neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens to the storied streets of lower Manhattan.

Every New Yorker has had the same dream at some point, usually during an early morning, late night, or overcrowded commute: How great would it be to live around the corner from where you work?

While we didn't catch every neighborhood, here are some of the coolest places to work in New York's hottest neighborhoods.