The 20 Best Business Schools For Social Life


Business school is all about making connections, learning new skills, and sharpening your business prowess.


But students who focus only on homework and traditional networking miss out on an important aspect of any college environment: the social scene.

Even in grad school, where students are under tremendous academic and financial pressure, an active social life is important for success, says Harvey Berkey, chief operating officer of, a website where students can review graduate programs.

On the site, over 70,000 students in the US rank their schools on a 10-point scale across several categories, including academic competitiveness, affordability of living, campus safety, value of network, social life, and workload, which are averaged to create an overall ranking for each school. then ranked the business schools with the highest marks for "Social Life" to determine which schools offer students the most in this category. Here are the top schools:


Best Schools for Social Life_02

Mike Nudelman/Business Insider