The 23 coolest neighbourhoods in Europe, according to travel bloggers



Mikael Korhonen/Flickr

Pigneto in Rome feels like it's worlds away from the city's ancient Roman ruins.

LONDON - While most tourists choose their holidays based on affordability or the famous landmarks they want to post to Instagram, many prefer to head off the beaten path and discover where locals love to hang out.

Travel website Travel Supermarket partnered with bloggers Adam Goffman, who runs "Travels of Adam," and Emily Ray from "The Cosy Traveller" to find out which neighbourhoods across Europe will become tourist hotspots in 2017.

The ranking was broken down into three categories - culture, creativity, and value - and looked at the ratio of trend-setting and creative industry indicators (such as independent coffee shops, vintage fashion stores, independent bike shops, co-working spaces and art galleries/studios) to the number of residents. Penalty points were subtracted for areas that had high numbers of big chain brands such as Starbucks, Costa and Pret a Manger.

The bloggers' hipster hangouts are spread all over the continent, from Manchester to Berlin, and include everything from former Soviet borders to self-proclaimed republics and anarchist squats.

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