The 24 best Netflix original shows of all time, according to critics


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Netflix has made a gargantuan amount of original shows and movies in the last few years - and will release 1,000 hours of new content just this year.

You'd have to spend 41 days binge-watching Netflix non-stop to see it all. So if you're like us, you're having trouble keeping track of which Netflix shows are worth your time.

To create a cheat sheet for you, we asked reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes to tell us which Netflix shows had the highest critic ratings of all time. We looked only at shows Netflix made itself, not ones it co-produced, or licensed only in some markets. The shows also had to have at least one "Certified Fresh" season, to make sure they have a high enough number of reviews.


Here are the top 24 Netflix original shows, sorted by their Rotten Tomatoes critic score from lowest to highest (if there was a tie, we used the audience score to break it):