The 25 best luxury hotels around the world right now

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Four Seasons Lanai

Time to book that next luxury vacation.

  • The world's best hotels offer unparalleled amenities - and often prices to match.
  • We've outlined the best hotels in five regions around the world: the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and the Caribbean, according to U.S News & World Report.
  • The ranking is determined using industry awards and expert reviews, as well as reviews from regular travelers.

U.S. News & World Report announced its 2018 hotel rankings on Tuesday, revealing what it thinks are the best luxury hotels in the world.

The rankings, which span 24,000 hotels, combine industry awards with experts' and regular travelers' reviews to reveal the top places to stay in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.
Due to the hurricanes that devastated the Caribbean this year, U.S. News & World Report opted to not update its hotel rankings for the region.

We pulled out the top five hotels for each region, including last year's rankings for the Carribbean.

Have a look - you might find your next vacation destination: