The 25 cities where your pay goes the furthest


There are a lot of ways to stretch a dollar.

One is to move to a city where the pay is high and the average price of a home is not.

To find out where your pay goes the furthest, Glassdoor compared the average median salary (based on at least 1,000 salary reports shared by local employees) in the 50 most populated US cities against the median home value (according to the Zillow Home Value Index) in each area.


"Though there are certainly other financial factors to consider when taking into account total cost of living, this data reinforces that pay typically goes further in mid-sized cities versus big metropolitan areas where there is often tighter competition for housing," Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor's chief economist, said in a press release.

Here are the 25 cities where your pay goes the furthest, according to Glassdoor's research: