The 3 books Stanford is asking incoming freshman to read over the summer


stanford student

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Ready your Kindle.

Fresh off the excitement of gaining acceptance into the most competitive university in America, Stanford University incoming freshmen will likely want to take the summer to relax a bit.


Administrators at Stanford want them to continue thinking critically about complex issues. and release The Three Books program every summer to suggest books that the entire community should read and discuss.

"The Three Books program is designed to introduce you to the experience of reading, thinking, and talking about challenging subjects as a member of Stanford's intellectual community," professor Noah Diffenbaugh wrote to the class of 2021.

Diffenbaugh, the faculty moderator of the program and a professor of earth system science, said this year's theme was on sustainability and equity.

"All three of these books have had a deep impact on me and my thinking," he wrote. "And, just as each of these books offers a sense of hope and optimism amid extremely challenging circumstances, I am optimistic that in discussing these challenges we can help each other find a sense of hope for the future!" he continued.


Read on to see the three books Stanford wants incoming freshman to read this summer.