The 30 most eligible out singles, according to dating app Hinge

hinge out cover


Periodically, Hinge looks into its data for us to find the most eligible people on its dating app, which relaunched to focus more on relationships late last year.

They've taken a look at different industries, places (New York and San Francisco), and even social-media stars.

Now, for LGBT Pride Month, Hinge has pulled data on its most eligible users who are out. These are the accomplished and attractive people who have gotten the most "likes" on Hinge, as a measure of popularity, and also identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, or simply non-heterosexual in some fashion. (As a note, Hinge doesn't ask about gender identification.)
Here are the top 30, along with a few key facts, including what city they live in, and a link to see their profile on Hinge if you want to send a "like" their way.