The 420 Games is like the Olympics for stoners - take a look inside


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420 Games

Every participant wears the number 420 on their runner's bib.


There are some 2.5 million legal cannabis users in the US, which means the lazy, bong-ripping stoner we see in movies like "Pineapple Express" and almost any bromance starring Seth Rogen no longer represents the average smoker (if it ever did in the first place).

A few years ago, a snowboarding company executive and longtime toker named Jim McAlpine set out to create an event that would bring recreational and medicinal marijuana users together and show the world they're capable of more than eating pizza and binge-watching "South Park."

The 420 Games is just that - an Olympics-style athletics event where pot enthusiasts and their families compete in triathlons, obstacle courses, mountain bike races, golf tournaments, and the signature 4.20-mile run. It launched in San Francisco in 2014, and the company shared photos from that event with Tech Insider.

Here's what it's like to compete.