The 5 easiest ways to instantly ruin a job interview


As a kid, lying could cost you dessert or TV time. As an adult, it can cost you a relationship or a job.


In a new survey from CareerBuilder, conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of the jobs site, more than 2,500 hiring managers and employers shared the five things they consider "instant deal breakers" in an interview. Not surprisingly, lying ranked No. 1.

Sometimes when we're nervous, desperate, or feel insecure, we lie to protect ourselves or improve the way others perceive us. But it's important to fight the instinct - especially in a job interview.

Peter Harris, editor-in-chief of online job board Workopolis, previously told Business Insider "you certainly shouldn't lie about abilities that you don't really have. There's no point in being hired for a job that you can't actually do.

"You also shouldn't lie about working somewhere you haven't or obtaining educational credentials you haven't actually earned," he adds. "These are easily confirmed in background checks and tend to come out in the end."


Here are the other common ways job candidates ruin job interviews: