The 9 brands 'elite' wealthy Americans think do the most good for the world




Michelle Obama, Lisa Jackson, and Time Cook take a selfie with a (Red) iPhone.

Many companies say they want to do more for the world beyond making money - including work on systemic social, environmental, and economic problems.

The World Value Index, a report from brand consultancy Enso, reveals the companies that wealthy, college-educated people in the US believe are actually making an impact.


Enso asked 3,000 consumers about the top brands in the US, including McDonald's, Verizon, and Bank of America. A portion of these participants were what Enso calls "elites:" Americans with at least a college education who earn $100,000 or more as their personal annual income.

On a scale of 1 to 100, they rated the companies based on the following questions: "How aware are you of the brand's purpose or mission beyond making money?" "Is the brand's purpose or mission something that you would openly support and care about?" "And does the brand's purpose or mission motivate you to buy products or services from them?"

Companies with scores from "elite" Americans that deviate furthest from rankings by the general public are below: