The 9 Worst Body Language Mistakes You Could Make In An Interview


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Business Insider

As soon as you walk into a room, before you say anything, people are already trying to figure out who you are. What signals and messages are you sending with your posture and facial expressions?


In a job interview, your body language is especially important, since your behavioral habits communicate certain messages to hiring managers.

In a survey released by job site CareerBuilder on Thursday, 48% of hiring managers said they know within the first five minutes of an interview if a candidate is a good fit for the job. And the candidate's body language is a top factor in their decisions.

CareerBuilder asked 2,201 hiring managers about the worst body language mistakes they've seen in an interview. Here's what they said:

1. Failure to make eye contact
Managers who've seen it: 70%


2. Failure to smile ­
Managers who've seen it: 44%

3. Bad posture
Managers who've seen it: 35%

4. Fidgeting too much
Managers who've seen it: 35%

5. Playing with something on the table ­
Managers who've seen it: 29%

6. Handshake that is too weak ­
Managers who've seen it: 27%


7. Crossing your arms over your chest
Managers who've seen it: 24%

8. Playing with your hair or touching your face ­
Managers who've seen it: 24%

9. Using too many hand gestures
Managers who've seen it: 10%

When interviewing, remember that it's normal to be nervous, but you should learn to control your body and face so the nerves don't show. If your body language says you're anxious, hiring managers may think you aren't capable or confident enough to do the job required.