The Biggest Tourist Scams Travelers Need To Watch Out For


Everyone knows to watch out for pickpockets and to avoid street hustlers playing 3-Card Monte when traveling, but do you know to hang up the phone when the hotel "front desk" calls to ask for your credit card information?


That's because a hotel front desk will never call about your credit card information-but scammers will.

Just The Flight examined the biggest tourist scams around the world, and created an infographic showing what scams tourists can expect to find in each country.

In Rome, a woman might throw her baby (or a doll) at you to throw you off guard while her accomplices pick your pockets. In Istanbul, a man might vehemently try to shine your shoes for you (even if you decline) and then demand money for the service. In Rio, someone might approach you offering to give you free peanuts, but they will demand payment if you touch even one peanut.

And just because you're in a hotel doesn't mean you are safe from scammers, who might claim to be room inspectors who then steal your belongings while "inspecting" your room (common in Spain). In shops, too, travelers are at risk of having their credit card information stolen by wily cashiers.


The full infographic is below.