The 'Captain America' directors are adapting this beloved cult movie for TV


the warriors hulu series

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1979 street gang movie, "The Warriors."

The Russo Brothers are adapting the cult '70s movie "The Warriors" into a TV series for Hulu.


Deadline reported that writer/producer Frank Baldwin has already signed on to the one-hour drama. There is no director attached to the project yet, which will be produced by Hulu and Paramount Television.

Directed by Walter Hill ("48 Hrs."), the original film was adapted from a novel by Sol Urick. It was set in gang-infested New York City in 1979 when one charismatic man tries to unite the warring gangs and lead them. He is then killed and his murder is pinned on one gang. That gang must then make it through New York as the other angry gangs hunt them down.

It starred Michael Beck and James Remar.

Though it originally tanked both with critics and at the box office, "The Warriors" has grown to become a favorite among fans and current critics. It currently has an 89% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes.


Joe and Anthony Russo have found great success with directing "Captain America: Civil War" and the upcoming "Avengers" movies. They were also executive producers on NBC's "Community" and ABC's "Happy Endings," among other series.